a prven process.

We are a full service website design and development company that focuses on quality and customer service. With over 10+ yrs. in the industry we have seen it all and that experience has allowed us to form a bullet-proof strategy for success!

Research & Planning

We start any project off with some good ole' research and planning. The R&D helps you understand exactly what solutions we are providing and it helps us understand your unique project as well as you do.

Layout Design & Graphics

The layout design phase is exciting because it allows you to actually see your website! We design a custom layout in photoshop that is tailored to your target users. Bling. Bling.

Development & Coding

This is where the rubber meets the road and we actually start coding your website. We will create the code based off the psd that you approved in step 2. Hmmm, sweet code...

Browser & User Testing

The best feedback will come from real people. We like to use friends and family when convenient or call on testing groups for bigger projects. All websites are also tested on the following browsers: IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari as well as iPhone & Android devices.

Site Launch

Oh glorious day! Time to launch your site to the masses and reap the benefits. Keep in mind, we monitor the launch to make sure everything goes smooth.

Website Maintenance

Keep your content & code fresh! To excel online, your website, blog or app always needs to be up-to-date. With our maintenance plans, we will keep your online presence looking fresh!