Are You Visualizing Your Web Success? Professional Website Design is the Answer!

by | Jul 9, 2012 | Resources | 0 comments

Lake Norman Website Design

How important is website design today?  Everywhere you look we are witnessing the birth of a brand new Internet.  It’s not just a compilation of text and links anymore.  Now, we have a distinctly visual and audio medium, complete with video content that is displayed on all types of devices from phones & tablets to computers & flat screens.  Statistically speaking, we see that sites like YouTube and Flickr are very popular.  Flickr has 51 million registered users, while YouTube is so popular (even beyond its member registration) with 490 million unique visitors a month, not to mention the fact that it receives two days’ worth of video content every single moment!

Graphically speaking, we definitely notice a trend in web design.  Graphics are a part of the complete user experience, whether the content is simple (a few photographs) or complex with several pages worth of fantastic artwork.  At the same time, article quality and copywriting is more important than ever before, as SEO techniques are used to solicit new interest, capture the interest of new visitors and increase a site’s search engine ranking.

So what are you doing to help facilitate and grow with this new Internet?  Are you taking the lead and showing your audience and your competition how to move quickly?  Are you investing in video marketing, in web design and in graphic design?  Are you taking SEO obligations seriously and providing new content for your users?

Now it’s easy to say that starting a website is an elementary process thanks to WordPress and other CMS programs.  However, you have to realize that installing a program that simplifies web management is just half the battle (or more like a 10th of the battle).  What a professional website design company can offer you is the ability to use all of these new visual mediums to your advantage.  Don’t eliminate good business opportunities because of an ill-prepared website with amateur content and visuals.  Make plans to talk to a turnkey web design company such as iCommStudios!

At iComm Studios we manage your entire project; Kind of like a personal assistant for your website.  We’ve been hand crafting digital solutions since 2005 and we have designed sites for everything from funeral homes to bakeries! Our specialty is Custom Website Design but we offer so much more to complete the package. Our arsenal includes quality hosting, email, website maintenance, web videos, graphic design, SEO and internet marketing.  No more hassling with multiple companies; You’ll hear our familiar voice every time and we guarantee quality results.

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