Be More Efficient with These Time Saving Tips

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Be More Efficient with These Time Saving Tips

Learning to set priorities is the easiest way to find more time in your day. To make a priority list, you need to define what is important in your life, and what you can leave for another day. Not every part of your daily living can be a priority. To be more efficient you need to follow these time saving tips to set your task priorities. Before getting started, determine exactly what important things need to be done, and then decide the exact order of each prioritized task.

Learn to Say No

To live a more dynamic, effective life, you will need to assume the ownership of all of your time. Before getting lost in the mundane of the day, perform three prioritized tasks before you check your e-mail. When asked to perform a task not on your prioritized list, learn how to say the word “no”.

Delegate When Possible

If the task is not your direct responsibility, consider delegating it to someone else. This will free up your time, allowing you to tackle your prioritized list. Realize that time is money, and that by saving time you can generate more money.

Take Advantage of Your Resources and Contacts

Just as important as delegating, having a firm grasp on your resources and contacts will allow you to perform your job better, and quicker. Managing your resources and using your contacts effectively will help move your prioritized jobs toward a conclusion. Instead of relying on e-mail to communicate with your contacts, use the phone instead to capture a quick response.

Manage Interruptions

Your typical day presents itself in blocks of time (morning, afternoon, after work). Perform your work during these blocks of time, and only take a break during natural interruptions (coffee break, lunch, dinner). Managing your interruptions will allow you to optimize your time to accomplish each one of your prioritized tasks.

Following this simple list of time saving tips will help you live a more efficient life, eliminate your procrastination and reduce your stress.

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