Collaborating with Developers

by | Jan 29, 2020 | General, Resources | 0 comments

For many people in the design industry, the thought of working with developers seems really simple and easy at first –simply take what you’ve created, and make it happen on the internet. For those who have already gone through this process or have dabbled in building websites before, it is quickly realized that sometimes recreating something into a website is not quite as simple as it seems. In fact, these misunderstandings can sometimes make collaborations with developers quite difficult. To help bridge the gap between designer and developer, here is a list of 7 basic tips for working with a developer written by Krista Rae.


1. The developer you choose matters
2. Allow your design phase extra time
3. Keep project scope in mind
4. Content is needed on Day 1
5. Development takes time
6. Revisions are not the same as changes
7. Organization and communication are key


For a full breakdown of these 7 tips click here