Developer on Retainer

by | Feb 3, 2020 | General, Resources | 0 comments

Do you only reach out to a developer when you have a project or problem? Have you ever considered the benefits to keeping a developer on retainer?


What does it mean to have a developer on retainer?


  • You have more time to focus on creating the best design when you hand off development to a trusted developer.
  • You have more options for what you can do. Sometimes creating a banner that automatically plays upon page opening is a little too advanced for you. That’s not a problem when you have someone on the job that knows how to code your wildest fantasies!
  • You have backup. Sometimes things go wrong, and on the ever changing internet, that is a guarantee. Having someone who knows how to navigate the ever changing digital environment means when you have questions or problems that crop up, you have someone there to take care of it.