How to Promote a Web Video

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How to Promote a Web Video

No matter if you run a large corporation online business, or simple at-home online store, you need to find a variety of creative ways to promote your brand. Web videos are quickly becoming more popular due to the changing patterns of how online users experience their Internet connections. By creating short videos, you can promote your company and make an instant positive impression about your company, services and products that is typically impossible to do through traditional text content.

Understanding Online User Behavior

Even though video is still a novel way to promote and advertise online, many companies use it as a way to capture the attention of their target audience, and keep them entertained long enough to generate a call to action. Traditional online user behavior indicates that visitors spend only a few seconds on any particular webpage, before either clicking on a link or abandoning the site altogether. However, when online users see that video content is available, they tend to stay on the website longer.

Distributing Your Video

There are many ways to promote your web video. Other than embedding it on your company website (which is highly effective), you can upload your videos for distribution. By providing effective tag words that correlate with each specific video experience, you are more likely to capture target audiences that are searching explicitly for your industry, services and products.

With the recent shifts in marketing strategies and promotional tactics, PPC, Landing Pages, Vimeo and YouTube now accept video ads from online businesses. By producing entertaining short video clips, you can promote your business to increase traffic to your site, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Keep It Fresh

An effective promotional strategy needs to be kept fresh. Once your promotion expires, products are no longer available, or information is inaccurate you need to remove the video from every location exists on the Internet. And most importantly, keep a steady flow of content.  Content is king and that is ultimately why a user ends up on your website.

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