How to Transfer a Domain Name

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How to Transfer a Domain Name

There are many reasons to transfer a domain name including being discontented with your current registrar or when you have just purchased/sold that domain. However, transferring a domain name can be a challenging process, requiring extensive knowledge, effort and time. Due to ICANN rules and regulations, the entire process can take longer than 60 days, in some situations, with the possibility of being unsuccessful.

Following ICANN Rules

Some of those rules include waiting a specific amount of time since its last transfer, and following instructions to unlock any security features. Any locked domain cannot be transferred. There are administrative necessities including providing pertinent information and using the right authorization code. You will need to make direct contact with the new provider and supply all required documentation, allowing a specific amount of time for all updates to be processed. Only when the domain name transfer has been completed, and confirmation has been sent, can you finally cancel your plan.

Private Domain Registration

The existing registered domain might display personal information to the public from the previous owner, through the WHOIS registry. If upon transfer, you no longer want any personal information (about you) viewable to the public, you will need to register it through Private Domain Registration. Additionally, if it has already been registered through private domain registration, there are steps to disable this feature, if you choose.

Locating All Necessary Information

To ensure proper transfer of your domain name, the complex rules need to be followed exactly. You can find specific websites on domain transfers that list all the detailed necessary information to walk you through the long process.

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