How Web Videos Can Boost Rankings

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How Web Videos Can Boost Rankings

35 HOURS of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE. Need we say more?

It is no surprise that human beings process information faster by the things they see, than by the things they read. With the new shifting trends of the Internet, and the popularity of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, websites are quickly shifting their designs from static text content webpages to dynamic videos, presentations and motion graphics.

Optimizing the User Experience

Almost since the first moment that technology allowed videos to be displayed on small screen mobile devices, the user experience developed an expectation to gather information quicker, better and faster, than traditional desktop/laptop methods. As Internet habits continue to change, users now seek to be entertained for short bursts of time. As a response to this behavior, successful online companies are beginning to produce web videos as a way to capture the attention of their visitors. Additionally, Web videos are proving to be highly effective at optimizing search engine query rankings through Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

An Effective Promotional Tool

A simple 30 or 60 second video has the ability to generate emotion, tell a story and allow the viewer to be entertained, in a way that is impossible using static text content. Companies use web videos as a promotional tool to advertise their website, provide information and describe the products/services they offer.

Video Resumes, Tutorials & How-to Videos

Web videos make an effective tool for video resumes, tutorials or “how-to” infomercials and can be posted on a variety of video sites including Vimeo, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. Companies also embed their videos on the company website, and as a promotional tactic by linking the video site from guest blogs, blogs, and back links.

Video Resumes are a new trend that puts the potential employee in front of the camera to explain their history, experiences and why they should be hired. Results are showing that employers like the concept of seeing their potential employee before an actual meeting.

Additionally, web videos can be used as a direct e-mail promotional tool to provide instant, short informative details to a potential client, on the services/products the company provides.

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