iComm Studios explains why Internet Marketing is Important

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Internet Marketing Mooresville NC

Let’s say you have a small business that you really want to grow.  How do you go about getting exposure, getting the word out?  In the old days you’d pay for a large ad in the Yellow Pages, perhaps invest in billboards, and hand out fliers. Now folks are turning to Social Media, blogging and web videos to promote their businesses.  Today it is all about internet marketing!

Internet marketing involves having a website, joining social media sites, doing search engine optimization, managing email marketing campaigns, and more.  At iComm Studios we manage everything and keep you on track to succeed.

Internet marketing is so important today because there are some 2.1 billion people using the internet, with 271 million in America alone.  The internet is now replacing sources people once turned to for information.  Think of the last time you wanted a phone number for a business, where did you go?  How many hours a week do you personally spend on the Internet?  How many hours a week do you think your customers spend on the internet?  The internet is where the people are, and many are searching for products and services your company could be providing!

There are 800 million people currently using the social media site Facebook.  Can you imagine if just a small fraction of that number saw ads for your business, visited your links or liked your pages?  Imagine all the more people you can reach if you used other popular websites like Twitter or LinkedIn.  This is how word gets spread these days; this is how your company gets exposure and how your business really starts booming.

A lot of work goes into successful Internet marketing.  At iComm Studios we focus on things like website design, graphics, content, and videos, not to mention things such as web hosting and even maintenance. Fresh content is the key and you need to provide a steady flow to rank well on the searches. There are other things to consider such as niche marketing, geo-targeting, and local search methods that work really well for companies with a smaller service area.  Learn more about iComm Studios below.  Our goal is to help you succeed online through a strong, well thought-out internet marketing plan.

At iComm Studios we manage your entire project, much like a personal assistant for your website. We’ve been hand crafting digital solutions since 2005 and we have designed sites for everything from funeral homes to bakeries! Our specialty is Custom Website Design but we offer so much more to complete the package. Our arsenal includes quality hosting, email, website maintenance, web videos, graphic design, SEO and internet marketing.  No more hassling with multiple companies; You’ll hear our familiar voice every time and we guarantee quality results.

Check out our website and online portfolio at iCommStudios.com.