So Many Devices! Is Your Website Tablet & Smartphone Friendly?

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So Many Devices! Is Your Website Tablet & Smartphone Friendly?

Long gone are the days when businesses could design a simple website to present their content to their online visitors, displayed on a traditional laptop or desktop. With so many different mobile devices available for Internet connection, the demand for mobile data is just beginning to soar. The recent invention of 4G technology with its increased data upload/download capabilities has developed a situation where online businesses are struggling to keep up with the expectations of their mobile online visitors.

Mobile Users Have Different Behaviors

Mobile users tend to use their mobile devices differently than the traditional laptop or desktop. Generally, they are seeking quick information, or answers to specific questions, spending less time simply perusing the site. With smart phone screen sizes topping out at 5”, and tablets limited to about 10.1”, viewing a standard size website can quickly turn into a frustrating experience.

Coding for Every Device

To stay competitive, businesses have had to quickly adapt their traditional-designed websites to be more flexible in accurately displaying information to every type of device. This required clean, professional web development that is coded specifically for mobile devices. To make the transformation even more challenging, there web development required specific coding to display on an Apple iOS platform, and Android.

Eliminate Confusion and Frustration

Simply creating a smaller version of a large website is impractical for the user. Maneuvering around a large website display on a small screen creates confusion and frustration. Instead of spending the time necessary to find the information among the vast text-content, mobile users will simply jump to a competing website to gather their information quickly.

Businesses and mobile web developers need to rethink their design strategies by offering easy-to-read text-content, and visual presentations including images and videos that offer the mobile user a more inviting experience. The booming demand for mobile devices is estimated to reach into the billions in the next few years. Businesses that choose not to follow the rising tide are destined to be left behind by their competitors.

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