Spotify or Pandora: Streaming Music for Your Office

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Who knew there would ever be radio wars, between competing multimedia music streaming services. Determining exactly who will win the battle between Spotify and Pandora to deliver streaming music might end up just being a personal preference. It always seemed inevitable that the competition between Spotify and Pandora would come down to a battle of deciding who the undisputed king of streaming digital music would be.

No one ever wants to buy music; It’s sad but true. Purchased music is simply no way to compete against immediate access to millions of online songs. Additionally, using streaming music allows us to reflect on how we feel for the day, adjust our moods, and change the station (or develop a new one).


With well over 13 million tracks just a fingertip away, listeners can gain instant access to their favorite music. Available throughout the entire US, and most of Europe, Spotify is an ideal choice if listeners have playlists they want to share with other offices, businesses, family and friends. Spotify allows listeners to create their own playlist and channels. It also allows uploads of all owned music to store it in the cloud, and stream it online. Listeners can even blend the two together of using their streaming music, combined with the music they own.


Available only in the US, Pandora allows music lovers to choose to listen to their favorite band, song, or similar music selections from other entertainers. With its Music Genome Project, listeners will quickly be able to fine tune their listening selections. It is easy to use and a great way to stumble upon new artists and their music

Both streaming music services offer a free plan, allowing the listener to stream endless amounts of music. As the final decision in determining who has the better streaming music, it really comes down to the one that is easy to access, starts quickly, and offers the best menus.

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