Take Notes, They Can Save Your Ass!

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Listening is the best way to comprehend what you are learning. However, taking notes is the best way to recall what you have learned. When done properly, following the simple guideline of the five R’s can help tremendously. They include:

  • Record Everything
  • Reduce Your Recorded Notes
  • Recite What You Have Learned
  • Reflect What You Know
  • Review

Taking notes is an important part of the learning process. It allows you to become an active participant through listening and viewing. Taking notes allows you to create a detailed history of the content of your experience. In the end, you will have a written record that can be viewed, studied and reflected upon at a later date. By writing down what you know, you reinforce what has been communicated.

Taking notes is an effective way to identify important concepts in a classroom, meeting, or through communication. Even individuals with a great memory are usually unable to recall everything that has been said, unless they have made a permanent written record for future reference. When taking notes, it is essential to write down everything that is relevant including details of the topic, dates, times and any other components of the conversation or lecture.

Effective note taking can best be performed when using:

  • Paper Notes – Nothing beats a pen and paper for taking notes for later recall.
  • Diagram – Diagrams are a simplified or reduced drawings that can quickly detail a structure, or schematic representation.
  • Sketchbooks – A pad or book, used on or off-line, by an artist and others as an essential component in the creative process to record a painting or drawing.
  • UI Sticky Notes – Allows the user to add a sticky note to their online paperwork, website, or blog.

In the end, taking notes will help you concentrate to what is being said, shown or read aloud. Great note taking needs to be clear, accurate and concise.

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