What Are the Benefits of Professional Graphic Design?

by | Jul 23, 2012 | Resources | 0 comments

Graphic Design Concord NC

Do you have questions about web graphic design?  Graphics are truly what make or break a website.  Though we always pay close attention to text, ultimately, the colors, the fonts and the images are what capture our attention.

Did you know that according to web statistics, there are over three billion email users and 555 million websites believed to be in existence in 2012?  For that matter, 14 million Instagrams were created in 2011, while 100 billion photos were shared on Facebook.  We are dealing not just with a web of readers, but a web of non-readers and everyday fellows who crave strong images, concrete video content and wonderful sounds that help sell the message.

That’s quite a market, and yet you might be surprised how carelessly some business owners act in creating a “professional” web presentation.  Remember back in the old days when you could just create an easy webpage using a WYSIWYG editor like MS Word?  All it took was a few lines of text, a few GIFs and clipart graphics and you were all set.  Of course, nowadays the competition is intense and Internet viewers expect the best.  Therefore, many of the old styles of yesterday are instantly perceived as “amateur” work and thus instantly untrustworthy.

After all, if you were looking for a graphic artist and stumbled upon a commercial art and web graphic design studio (such as our own iCommStudios.com) and a site that looked like it was built by a teenager, which option would you choose?  It’s important to remember that your website represents your brand and the quality of your products.  A writing website would naturally feature great writing; an artistic website feature fabulous art.  What about your business?  Does the graphic design you currently have match the quality of your products or services?  It should…and so you can see why a graphic design company is an important investment.

At iComm Studios we manage your entire project, much like a personal assistant for your website.   We’ve been hand crafting digital solutions since 2005 and we have designed sites for everything from funeral homes to bakeries! Our specialty is Custom Website Design but we offer so much more to complete the package. Our arsenal includes quality hosting, email, website maintenance, web videos, graphic design, SEO and internet marketing.  No more hassling with multiple companies; You’ll hear our familiar voice every time and we guarantee quality results.

Check out our website and online portfolio at iCommStudios.com.