What is Web Internet Marketing and Why is it so Important?

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Does web online marketing matter?  Well, just consider that there are 555 million websites and over two billion users.  For that matter, there are over three billion email accounts (and 71% of all email traffic is SPAM!).  It’s safe to say that there is a huge audience for web Internet marketing.  And there’s an even larger audience out there waiting for you with recent changes to search giant Google.

Now, local marketing is getting special treatment, as Google figures that most searches are local in nature—as in things to eat now, places I can go right now to buy a new product, and so on.  This is a golden opportunity for local businesses that can now customize content and directly speak to the local clientele—and get a boost from Google.

Of course, internet marketing is not just about text anymore.  The newest trends in business suggest customers are gravitating towards social media pages as well as online videos.  You might say that today’s generation has a short attention span.  And you as the online entrepreneur (or even the steady-handed CEO) must work hard to ensure that your web efforts cater to that person’s attention span.  Never bore the audience; on the contrary, always keep him or her entertained/informed on your industry and your company.  You’re not just selling…you’re branding and that’s the big secret about doing business in 2012.

Online marketing is not just about creating great content—it’s also about finding your targeted audience and so much of that is done through SEO.  Reaching your targeted audience requires careful understanding and manipulating of keywords.  These are the words that your customers are typing, and thus the most cost-efficient way to reach them.

Why not consult with a web online marketing firm and discuss ways to promote your business to today’s generation?

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