Why Blogging Generates Tons of Website Traffic

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Why Blogging Generates Tons of Website Traffic

It is very easy for online business owners to lose interest in their website, allowing the content to become stale, static and boring. Even effectively designed websites that have no quality content being generated will often see their traffic diminish, decreasing their sales and profits. To stay active and pertinent to search engines, it is continually necessary to maintain your website, promotions, back links and strategies to stay active and alive. The most effective promotional strategies are all focused around creating quality content that users want or need to view.

Content is king to Search Engines

Although the algorithms used by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines are almost never improved, the software that uses the algorithms is constantly being fine-tuned. In the last few years, large search engines, like Google, have been focusing most of their attention on quality, fresh content located on the Internet. They believe that by capturing sites that have fresh content, their search engine queries are most likely to return a quality result to the online user.

Crafting Promotional Strategies

As a result, many online businesses craft promotional strategies around the specific keywords online users input into their search engines when seeking information. Once these effective keywords are defined by keyword research, the company rewrites their webpage content to ensure the search engine will capture the information, to show their website link in a search engine result.

Blog to Add Fresh Content

However, it has been shown that writing/updating a blog is a more effective way to ensure your online business always has fresh content. By posting a new blog, written using effective keywords, every few days, weeks or months, the search engines will recognize your news, opinions and information as pertinent information about your website or industry. Then take this information and pushes all your webpages and blog pages higher in the rankings of any search engine query, based on your keywords and content. Higher search engine rankings can generate huge amounts of previously untapped targeted website traffic.

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