Why is My Site Down?

by | Nov 6, 2019 | General, Resources | 0 comments

Nothing is worse than checking in on your business page to find….it’s not there! Or worse, an email from a client telling you that they can’t get to your site. The first thing you do is call up your web developer (hopefully they are in your same time zone) and ask them what happened? Today, let’s go over what might have happened to take your website down.

You recently updated your DNS or registered your domain.

Any new changes to the DNS or a new domain can take up to 24 hours to propagate. This means you just need to give your site time to generate the changes made.

Connection issues between your internet service provider and the server you are using to host your site. 

When you visit a website, you may think you are directly communicating with the hosting server where a website is stored, but you are actually being routed by your internet provider through other routers. If any of these routers are down, your request gets lost and you fail to get to the desired URL.

Your hosting server is down.

 This is everyone’s least favorite, but most common problem when a site goes down. Sometimes it is an update being run that takes the server down –hey it happens, but the difference between a good host and bad is the time it takes them to resolve this issue.

If you follow our progress in our Week in Review, you’ll know that last week we migrated a site over to one of our preferred hosting servers, WP Engine. We recommend several hosting servers but will ultimately let our clients decide which service to use, but it is important to know that you get what you pay for. Sometimes cheaper isn’t always better and when you’ve had enough, iComm can help you move your site from your current host to a new one and advise on which hosting service is best for what you need.