Why Web Videos Are Important To Your Business

by | Sep 10, 2012 | Resources | 0 comments

Huntersville Web Videos

The Internet is ever evolving and changing and so staying current can help you keep up with the competition.  Right now, an estimated 800 million people use Facebook and 2.6 billion people use worldwide instant messaging accounts.  There are also 2.4 billion using social networking pages across the world.  And one of the reasons social networking is so popular is because of the shared video content.  So would you or your company benefit from a web video by iComm Studios?  The answer is most definitely YES!

Web videos are becoming more popular as time goes on.  YouTube is currently the third most popular website, which should show you how important web videos are becoming not only to personal surfing but to business.  With so many people seeking out and enjoying videos online, are they not something worth considering for your business website?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what do you get for a video?  How about engaged viewers who may well turn into customers?  If you need more reasons, know that videos now show up in Google search results and can actually rank higher than your website!

This means even if you are having a hard time cracking the top 20 results with your chosen keywords, your web video may very well soar to the top.  Web videos also stand out in search results; it is like having a great big “click me now” banner on your link, and for free.  Web videos also keep potential customers on your website longer, which is always positive.

Diversity is a smart move.  If you have a website then no doubt you are publishing plenty of inventive written content.  Why not give visitors to your site another option?  It is easy to click a button and have information said aloud to viewers, and many are seeking this option rather than reading long pages of written information.

Having a video will also allow your customers to see who it is they are dealing with, and will help put a friendly face and voice to the brand.  This helps build rapport and a connection.  Having a video also allows you to demonstrate your company’s expertise in its field.

82.5% of US Internet users are looking at web videos! Web videos are extremely important if you want to stay ahead of the game. Let our skilled team create an awesome web video for you or your company!

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