Dropbox: Access Your Files Anywhere

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Dropbox is simply a must-have online application for anyone that stores documents and multimedia. It is even more beneficial for anyone that works remotely or needs to carry files with them to another location. Instead of needing to carry the entire group of files, each file can simply be acquired through an iPad, iPhone, smartphone, laptop or other mobile device.

As an enormously popular service that offers free file storage on the Internet, Dropbox is the ideal choice for gaining access to your files from anywhere there is an online connection. Additionally, Dropbox makes it much simpler to collaborate with others that share group files. Once you open your Dropbox account (for free), you can easily add files to your own account, or into a group. Working in collaboration, any group member can view or download a file, make changes or update the stored data.

Dropbox is easy to use. As the default of a private online file, you can easily upload any documents, folders, music, videos & photos that is publicly inaccessible. However, it is easy to share your folders with anyone else, or make it publicly accessible if you choose.

Every new account gets an automatic free 2 GB of storage. Users gain all the benefits of using an online service system without any of the hassles. Many other benefits include:

  • Ease-Of-Use – Anyone that knows how to save a document or file on a computer automatically knows how to use their account on Dropbox.
  • Remote Access – With an Internet connection from anywhere, users can gain instant access to all of their files and multimedia stored on Dropbox.
  • Free Storage – Every account has 2 GB of free storage with additional storage of up to 100 GB for a small charge.
  • Cloud Storage – Dropbox offers a great place to store files off-line as a backup to a hard drive system.

Sign up for a free 2GB Dropbox account here…

Having the ability to access files and multimedia from anywhere in the world is a must-have for families, students, employees, and professionals.

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