Easy Business Phone Numbers using Google Voice

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Since Google Voice became available to everyone in the United States, many small and medium-size business owners saw the advantage of converting their communication system over to the Internet. The benefits of Google Voice include the fact that it offers a free phone management service that is hard to beat at any cost.

The reasons why you should consider using Google Voices your business phone include:

  • Going Local – With Google Voice, you will always have the option of choosing a local phone number in any area code you would like. By having a local phone number in a specific area where you do business, you can attract new customers seeking a local company. Based on the products you sell, you can live on one side of the country, and have a local phone number on the opposite side.
  • Lifetime Phone Numbers – No matter how many times your business relocates, your Google Voice number will always stay with you. It is simple to tie all of your existing office phone numbers and wireless carrier numbers to Google Voice. It has the ability to ring any one or all of your phones including those at work, home or on your smartphone.
  • Simple Voice Conferencing – The old methods of having to enter a complicated passcode followed by digital strings just to start a conference call are gone. Developed as a simpler approach, Google Voice lets participants simply ring your specific Google Voice number to begin the conference call.
  • Inexpensive International Calls – For companies doing business overseas, Google Voice has incredibly low pay-per-minute rates. Local and national calls are free.
  • Free Texts – You will no longer have to pay for each text message you send. Google Voice allows free SMS text messages from your Google number.

In all, it just makes sense to use Google Voice as your business phone. It has great benefits, amazing features, and it is free.

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