Great Google resources you may not have known about.

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Anyone can make life easier by using great tech resources such as Google tools. There are many great resources for educators, students and anyone that needs to interact or communicate with others. View the complete list.


With the full suite of applications, educators can use collaboration apps, email, calendars and documents, all online. With a full line of lesson plans, curricula and classroom videos, all from Google, there is something for every educator from K-12 to university level. Google Apps for Education provide a variety of guidelines and tools specifically for students, faculty, the community and alumni. Students can gain instant access to a variety of apps for writing documents, handling email, scheduling on their calendar, and others.

Home & Office

There are many great tech resources for the home and office that include an online calendar, access to the cloud and Google’s Drive where you can create, share and organize all of your things in a single place. Additionally, Google has Talk that offers a free online voice connection for phone calls and instant messaging.


There is no reason to be bewildered on any subject when you can simply find a video concerning nearly every topic on YouTube. Additionally, you can search for the full text of classic books for free, or search hundreds of thousands of current and historical news stories. Google also has Picasa, where you can locate, edit and share your photos, and view stored pictures of your family and friends. Google Play will store and play all of your music, books, movies and android applications on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

With the huge variety of great tech resources online, most of which are free, everyone’s life is made simpler. Online resources offer an easy way to organize, do your work, and study, or to just enjoy entertainment.

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