One Design for all Devices: The Importance of Responsive Web Design

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Before tablets and smartphones became so popular, web designers had only one unique stumbling block to consider when building a new website – to maintain the traditional look of a website when displayed on competing desktop computer browsers.

However, the challenge of displaying a traditional website on a tablet or smartphone simply does not produce results identical to a desktop computer monitor. Web designers now need to consider pixel resolution, screen size, Touch versus Click, optimize markup, and the full support of Adobe’s Flash technology. It has finally become vital to develop interactive websites using responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) takes a crucial approach of coding and laying out an interactive website. It must provide the best experience of optimal viewing with an easy navigational function and a clear readable view. It is important to take panning, resizing and scrolling into consideration when viewing the website on a wide array of devices from mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and desktop computer monitors.

To be effective, the website’s navigational elements, images, video/audio player, text, and screen layouts need to automatically readjust themselves across multiple available devices and platforms. To be user-friendly, the readjustments must be automatic and quick.

Before responsive web design came about, online businesses were left to develop a mobile site version along with their desktop site version, which cost time, money and confusion. Often thought that responsive web design was expensive, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, responsive websites are unfazed by operating systems and devices.

When performing at its peak, a responsive website provides the best consistent user experience no matter what the user’s choice or preference for a device. Effective responsive web design will accurately display the website on an iPhone, iPad, Android operating systems or a Windows OS.

Responsive web design is the path to the future, allowing a user-friendly experience when viewing and interacting with digital content.

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