Why WordPress?

by | Feb 7, 2020 | General, Resources | 0 comments

There are many website builders out there so what makes WordPress so special?

  1. Ease of use. While having a web developer certainly helps create a unique feel to your website, you don’t need one. The building blocks are easy enough to figure out without knowing .html and .css.
  2. SEO. This is a biggie that I’m sure everyone’s heard but maybe not as easy to understand. Good SEO lands you on the front page of a Google search –where everyone wants to be, but you don’t magically end up there. WordPress seamlessly organizes all of your pages and custom code into an easily crawled site which helps you get to that front page.
  3. Support. WordPress offers world class support that you can get a hold of in minutes and who is very knowledgeable. When you are traversing the depths of website building, there is nothing like having someone you can easily reach to help you navigate.
  4. Blog friendly. In the age of blogging, WordPress was built around the ability to blog and with pre-built themes for your blog and website, it’s easy to get a polished look without having gone to design school.
  5. Browser based. Because WordPress is browser based, you can access from anywhere to build and make edits –your phone, tablet or computer.
  6. WooCommerce. As entrepreneurship continues to grow the arrival of Woo Commerce for WordPress is a game changer. It allows a user to create an e-commerce site as easily as they’ve built the pages on their website.